How To Create And Build An Email List

An email list is a list containing the name, email and sometimes phone numbers of your website/blog visitors and subscribers through any other means. While the process of gathering these contact details of prospective buyers or customers of your goods and services for intermittent marketing is referred to as list building.
It is very hard for any Internet marketers to make money without a list. You may have heard the popular saying, " the money is in the list." Which means that creating and building an email list should be an integral part of our online marketing efforts for us to make consistent income on the web.
The most interesting part of it is that these visitors or potential buyers, most time, willingly subscribe to your email list to get valuable freebie or updates from you.

2 ways you can create your list
1. Manually
This is building your email list by yourself without the use of the third party. This can involve the use of your phone numbers or your email address.

Using your phone or email address
Let assume you want to build a list of prospective buyers for your ' online money making free report.' you will then promote your advert through any means you desire and ask your readers to text their name
and email to a certain phone numbers or email address you provided in order to get the free report sent to them.

                                                    DISCOVER THE VARIOUS
                                                    MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITIES
                                                    ABOUND ON THE INTERNET
                                                    Text your Name and Email Address
                                                     To 0805484.... Or sengov06@.... to get free report

The above advert is one example of how to get the email list of people through phone or email address. You will stylishly have the name, email and phone numbers of those that respond to your advert. This
make it possible for you to follow them up either by email or phone text message.

2. Using autoresponder
An autoresponder can be described as a software that help to manage the act of creating and building an email list. There are paid and free autoresponder. The free ones come with some limitations but you
can also use them till you get money to upgrade to paid ones. Example of free autoresponders are mailchimp and sendfree. You can also build an email list from wordpress blog ( if you are using one ) for free through a plugin name WP Email Capture by @ rhyswynne.
The plugin is also compatible with mailchimp, sendfree, Aweber, GetResponse and some other major email marketing programmes.
The paid autoresponders include GetResponse, aweber, cmsautomaticlistbuilder but are highly recommended.

The following are  the steps to be taken to build Your list with autoresponders
Sign up with a reliable autoresponder service e.g cmsautomaticlistbuilder

Create an opt-in form on your autoresponder platform
For instance, assuming you've created an account with cmsautomaticlistbuilder then login into your account, put your mouse on the campaign tab at the top of the page then click on ' create campaign.'  Fill in the required details and select either the ' phone opt-in ' as your opt-in form if you are using the phone strategy or the ' web form opt in ' if you preferred the webpage strategy.

Step 3
Set up a squeeze page on your web page and include your opt-in form on
that squeeze page.
A squeeze page is a page where you offer free product or service and ask people to submit their contact details such as name, email and phone numbers before they get such offer. When someone opts in through the opt in form( which you get from e.g automaticlistbuilder) you put on that page to get your offer, you will automatically get their contact details for immediate and future marketing - reading the article, meaning of squeeze page and how to get the best out of your squeeze page can be helpful.

Drive traffic to your squeeze page
You can drive traffic to your squeeze page in order to build your email list using social media platforms such as twitterr, linkedin, google+, Facebook, 2go, YouTube and blog.  You can buy paid ads from Google Adwords and Facebook. You can market it offline through newspapers, magazine and the likes.
Visiting forums related to your niche is also a powerful weapon to build your list

 follow up through emails
Send valuable information to your subscribers for their day-to-day upbuilding while sending commercial information occasionally. This will help them to love, know and trust you as people only tend to buy from people they trust.

Creating and building an email list is the way forward for anybody that want to make continual income with his/her Internet business.

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