About Diabetes Mellitus

The term " diabetes mellitus " was derived from the Greek word meaning " to siphon " and a Latin word which means " sweet like honey." For water passes through the person that has diabetes as if it were being siphoned from the mouth through the urinary tract and right out of the body and the urine is sweet with sugar.

The traditional method of testing for diabetes is to pour a patient's urine near an anthill. The urine will be filled with insects if sugar were presence.

In 2003, it was projected that the number of diabetes patients will doubled the then estimated 140 million patients world wide by the year 2025. Diabetes has been dubbed the silent killer because the symptoms often goes unrecognized as the person can have the illness a long time before it will be diagnosed.

 People don't die directly from diabetes rather most die from complications caused by diabetes such as pheripheral artery disease, nerve damage, stroke, heart disease, poor kidney function, eye disease ( retinopathy ) etc. Therefore, people with diabetes must take proper care of their body by adhering to doctors prescription and guidance.

But one thing people with diabetes should know is that it will not pose such harm - if they early recognize the seriousness of the disorder and submit to a program of treatment.

Diabetes and the young 

Diabetes is increasing among the youths at an alarming rate and this is caused by

1. Increased reliance on foods consumed outside the home

 2. Lack of physical exercise

3. Skipping of breakfast especially when going to school

4. And ultimately increased consumption of soft drinks, beers and fast foods.

How to control diabetes

In most cases diabetes cannot be reverted but it can be properly controlled and many patients who controlled their illness very well lived more than 50 years after their diagnosis.


Diabetes can be genetically inherited. However, eating a balance diet combined with regular exercise can help to prevent the occurrence of the sickness even in genetically susceptible people. One research recommend at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activities such as walking on most if not all days of the week especially among women. It is highly important for diabetes patients to be careful when doing exercise to prevent self-injured. Vigorous exercise that can damage the vascular system and nerve should also be avoided.  

Avoid fat and sugar

Everybody, both diabetic and non-diabetic patients should avoid consumption of fat. Excess fat in the midriff seems to pose more danger than fat on the hips. Foods rich in sugar should be directly avoided.

Oral medication

Oral medication include drugs that stimulate the production of insulin by the pancreas, slow down the increase of blood sugar or lower insulin resistance. Insulin cannot be taken orally as digestion breaks it ( being a protein ) down before it reaches the blood stream that is why insulin is taken as injection for now.  

Don't smoke

95% of diabetes-related amputations involve smokers for smoking damages the heart and circulatory system, and narrows the blood vessels.

Insulin therapy

Most diabetes patients don't like to use insulin because it is taken as injection amid other reasons. But it is vital to know that controlling diabetes should be the priority as this will reduce the risk of developing complications.
More advanced methods of insulin injection include the use of automatic injectors      that shot a needle into the skin painlessly, others are jet injectors

and infusers

that use a catheter that stays in place for some days. Another device is the insulin pump

              which is a programmable device that dispenses insulin through a catheter at a steady rate according to the body needs.  

Prepare for emergency

 It is recommended that people with diabetes should always have an identification card which indicate their diabetic status in case of emergency.  

Support from others

People with diabetes need the support of everyone around which includes family members, friends and colleagues. Family members in particular, should learn about diabetes. They should know how to read the mood, body weight, reactions and general appearance of a diabetic members of the family to know when there is a sugar signal. The patients also should keep learning about diabetes from journals, books, blogs like this one you are reading, health programs on radio and television and keep learning about your mood and appearances.

 Best practice to manage diabetes 

The best methods to manage diabetes is through proper diet and exercise. Some sufferers with type 2 diabetes has discontinue taken insulin therapy through restricted diet and good routine exercise.

Following your doctor prescribed diet and drug can help you to control your blood sugar. Know that there is no better way to control your blood sugar than proper diet, exercise along with regular intake of medicine.

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