8 Ways To Make Money On The Internet Writing Articles

There are many ways you can earn money on the Internet as an article writer as there are many websites you can register with as a writer and earn anytime you post an article. But, for the scope of this article, i will only concentrate on 8 tested and proven positive ways you can make money on the Internet writing articles.

8 ways you can make money online as a freelance writer

1. Through examiner
One platform on the Internet where you can earn legitimate money as a freelance writer is examiner.com. You are required to choose your subject of expertise, therefore, it is advisable you choose topics that you know you love and which you know you can write a lot of articles about. Examiner hires people to write on local news within their city while also offering national positions if you prove yourself to be a professional freelance writer or they considered you to be one. Examiner pays you by the number of pageviews your articles enjoy I.e the number of times your articles were read. Therefore, your duty is to write interesting, attractive and keyword rich article title and body which readers will have 'love at first sight' for and which will make your articles to be easily visible to search engines. You can write as low as 200-400 words per article. However, examiner only accept people above 18 years whom are resident of the US and Canada. -Read my article " How to make money online writing for examiner.com

2. Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing means that you are promoting other people's product with the aim of earning commission from sales. After you have chosen your affiliate product, you then take your time to write a product review article on the product. Write about the qualities along with the benefits of the product to the end users. Post the article on your blog, website, social media page like Facebook, twitter, Google+. Submit the article to ezines and article directory sites such as ideamarketers, goarticles etc. Don't forget to often link to the
product within the article and add your affiliate link at the bottom of the article.
You earn a commission anytime someone purchase the product from your affiliate link. Some of the websites that offers affiliate marketing program are cmsaffiliatecash and sfimg. - Read my article, " how to effectively increase your affiliate earnings and sales through article marketing.

3. Fiverr
On fiverr, you earn money by providing service to people at the rate of $5 per service. Therefore, you can sign up with fiverr.com and let people know that you can write articles for them at the rate of $5.
You can even design your fiverr service ad and advertise your service beyond fiverr.com. You can advertise through Facebook or Google Adwords, twitter and other social networking sites. Within short time, people will know you as an article writer and start bombarding you with all sort of freelance writing jobs.

4. Sell your own ebook
You can take your time to write a quite number of articles on a specific niche or topic. Then compile it into an ebook. Though, publishing an ebook takes a lot of time, energy, resources and dedication but the reward can be great. Know that the ebook you write is your intellectual property which you can earn passive income from, throughout your lifetime. You should also know that one of the best road to riches is to have your own brain child product you are selling! One of such places you can sell your ebook is Amazon as well as many
market websites that offer affiliate marketing. You can also sell your ebook on your blog or website.
To learn about ebook creation, read my article " how to create and self-publishing adobe PDF ebooks ."

5. Through hubpages
Hubpages is an online platform that allow you to make money from the articles (hub) you had published on your hubpages subdomain blog. You earn money through Google Adsense and through promotion of EBay and Amazon capsules. Hubpages allows you to put a maximun of two affiliate links in your hub, making it possible to earn from your affiliate links and sales. Unlike most article writing sites where you concentrate on a particular topic, you can write on many topic you desire on your hubpages blog - To learn more about hubpages, read my article, " how to make money online writing for hubpages."

6. Paid reviews
You can get paid directly from sponsors for writing article about their product, service or about an individual without appearing to have been paid to do so. You can earn for writing the review in the first place or get paid whenever someone make a purchase through the link you provided in your review or both.

7. As agent
You can get a freelance writing jobs and get people to write them for you at a reduced fee than what you are paid. The difference is your profit. Many smart information marketers are doing this, raking in thousands of dollars in the process.

8. Blogging
You can create your own blog and start posting as many articles as you can. The more quality articles you have on your blog, the better for you. It is the articles that will attract visitors to your blog from whom you can earn income through the blog monetization strategies you have adopted on your blog. - Reading my articles " how to register and manage your blog " and " how much you should charge for selling advertising space on your blog " can be really helpful.

Those are just some ways you can earn online writing articles. Indeed,
the volume of jobs to do and money to make is limitless and ongoing.
It all depends on you because your earning is directly related to your

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